The International Certification Bureau Rendszertanúsító Kft. carries out the

  • inspection,

  • qualification and

  • certification/registration of standard management system compliance supporting the economic organizations operating in areas not regulated by law.

We operate in countries of the Europian Union.

Our mission is to take part in the social propagation and development of the quality- and environmental culture, and to contribute to the business successes of our clients.



Broad experience

During our more than 20 years operation, we have obtained great experience by qualifying and certifying micro-, small-, medium-, and large organizations of Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Austria, Germany, and Serbia. We run with the assistance of our Hungarian and Slovenian office.


Efficient communication

We successfully strive to maintain the most efficient, accurate and fast communication possible, and by that, we save time and effort for our clients without ever compromising quality.


Strategical approach

Our specific strategical aim is to build long-term relationships with our partners. We strive for offering such a value-creating service, which contributes to the operation and efficiency of our clients.


Guidance, Partnership

We restrict our requirements, qualification, and decisions to the subject of the given certification, we support our partners with enhancing comments.


Specialized expert team

We undertake qualification only in areas in which our expertise is broad and solid enough to ensure the best quality. We put emphasis on the selection of our auditors and experts, and on the continuous development of their knowledge. Our client assignments can only be executed by experienced experts, who have a thorough knowledge of the given area.  All of our colleagues are strictly expected to comply with our standards and we take full responsibility for our work.


Efficient time management

During of qualification, inspection and certification procedures, we ensure the best time management and professional competency, as well as constantly meeting the requirements. This saves a lot of time and effort for our clients.


Satisfaction survey and complaint handling

We regularly measure and evaluate the satisfaction of our clients, and we take these results into consideration during the development of our quality management system. We truly believe in this attitude, as this is the basis of working together in the long term in partnership.


Constant development

For the sake of continuous development, we constantly set up new goals and successfully keep up with changes and challenges. This affects our workflow, systems, and also our human resources.


Independence and impartiality

We think that the pledge of credibility, transparency, and quality is to ensure the prevalent independence and impartiality at all times.
All the resources we need to run our quality service are covered by the financial income we receive from our partners. We don’t rely on external supporters and our fees don’t depend on the successfulness of the qualification procedures.



Our audit services and systems are also the subjects of accreditation, to assure our clients and prove the adequacy of our operations.

We hope that the co-operation with us and our certification will be a guarantee for the compliance of our partners, and this way they can convince their business partners and together can be more successful.

Public information