We typically deal with the internationally acknowledged and accepted, standardized system operation’s inspection, namely auditing and certification according to the classification based on the IAF activity codes.



In case of products planned to be marketed, besides the juristical, regulative and other legal requirements necessary for marketing, the fulfilment of quality requirements certified by the manufacturer and by a product certification document issued by an independent third party based on inspection procedures and expert opinions, with the purpose of supporting our clients to place their products in the potential (mainly in the Hungarian) market with higher distribution safety, increasing the customer’s trust.
The aim of our activity is active assistance provided by products in exploring the extra requirements of the European Union market area for our clients.

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We organize organizational internal auditor and system manager training in conformity with the operation of the standard management systems.



Remote Auditing is provided for our clients if the audition process allows it and the necessary technical conditions are available.


Active International Presence

Our experts are actively engaged in certification and auditing activities not only in Hungary but also in many European countries. Thus, our auditors have not only theoretical but practical skills abroad.



We elevate credibility and efficiency.

We’re able to provide remote audits in cases of re-audit or advanced inspection processes (if the technical requirements and industry specifications are suitable).

The audit consists of the revision of documents and facilities, also the surveil of working procedures. In the case of our client’s system reached a certain maturity, we can consider online and offline methods for remote audit.

These methods can vary from phone or web conferences to remote computer control solutions for accessing documentations and systems.

The normative requirements of remote audit in case of advanced inspection and re-audit procedures  (ASRP) are specified by  IAF MD3 (IAF Mandatory Document for Advanced Surveillance and Recertification Procedures) and in case of computerised audit, the procedure is specified by IAF MD4 (IAF Mandatory Document for the use of Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques), amended by the accreditation expectations.

For this to happen, of course, certain technological equipment needs to be available (though none of them is considered extraordinary in the XXIst century). Such as a good webcam, broadband internet connection, sufficient credentials provided to access the company’s network etc.

With the remote audit, the procedure can become not just more comfortable, but more flexible and faster.